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Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing can be lucrative when you find the right products to promote, but while you’re at it, be sure to take advantage of affiliate referral marketing as well. The two aren’t a whole lot different, but referral marketing typically involves another souce of income that comes from a new membership, rather than an affiliate product.
That is why:
  • I can make money online as an Amazon affiliate, when people buy the products I promote through the affiliate program.
  • Plus I can also earn some extra cash, when I refer people to become members of certain affiliate programs, aside from their products.
This is a good way to truly monetize your activities and try to earn the most income possible from your side hustle. That brings us to a common question that usually comes to mind?
What is the best way to get started with affiliate marketing?
If you find yourself thinking about affiliate marketing as a source for making money online, but you still haven’t joined any programs – what are you waiting for?

I know you’re curious and want to learn all you can, but sometimes, you just have to jump in, to find out how the water really is. So before you concern yourself with all the little details about how to maximize your earnings, the best thing to do is to start right away, actually joining any programs you think you might like trying.

Keep in mind, making money online is not always the fastest thing you can do, so in order to maximize the results of all your efforts, it makes sense to cast a wide net. You know the saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket. The same is true for affiliate and referral marketing.

If you already know that you like the idea of getting paid to work from home, and you definitely like the idea of passive income, then affiliate marketing is a definite possibility as a side income.

You don’t have to know for sure which products and services you’ll end up promoting as an affiliate – just join some of the more popular programs that others indicate they’ve been successful with.

Even when you find a program you’re sure you’ll love, it may turn out that it’s not for you, because you simply won’t know until you try a program for a while.

So go for it! Sign up for offers of referral income, from companies that need your help promoting them. Or even those whod don’t really need your help, because they’re actually a thriving brand. ALL THE MORE REASON TO JOIN THEM.

I use them in my writing, on social media and on my website, to make money online


I Recently joined: “WE WRITE BLOG POSTS” (WWBP) as an affiliate because they help bloggers by providing quality content, PLUS, they help writers earn money by writing blogs for their clients. Their homepage says:
  • You can start a side hustle, by building a new blog in a profitable niche – and get quality content at an affordable rate
  • You can have an online writing income when YOU get paid to write blog posts for other people’s blogs on “WWBP”.
  • You can generate passive income, easily posting profitable affiliate links on your social media accounts and online platforms!

With affiliate marketing options like these, you’ll be on your way to making money online from an awesome passive income source.

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