An unknown self-published author, just
getting her side hustles on!
About Me


I often refer to my personas as if they’re other people for real, but just to be clear – I’m Justiss – the one writing and trying to deliver you some useful, money making information. If you want to learn more about me, just visit me on Medium and: READ MY STORY…

There are just a few things you really need to know about me, as the writer and developer of the Paid2WorkAtHome website. I am first and foremost, a writer, and I have been for more than two decades. I say that to say; if nothing else, Justiss is committed and dedicated, even in the face of unending challenges.

While I’m still virtually an unknow self published author of numerous ebooks, novellas, and novels; I’ve been working many long, and difficult years online, trying to be a better skilled writer and successful novelist.
As life periodically got in the way of that pursuit, I learned to shift my gaze, just long enough to live offline and work at a job that I didn’t want to go to everyday.

It took years to learn important strategies and concepts about making money online and creating different side hustles to earn a buck. That is why, now, after two decades, I have become skilled in a variety of ways, when it comes to earning online income. With the help of fellow writers and creatives who share and relate to the same struggles, I’ve been able to develop a lot of valuable and marketable online skills.
MY SKILLS include:
  • Article Marketing
  • Copy Writing SEO Writing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Graphic Design
  • Basic Web
  • Video Creation
The point of outlining these skills, is to start you to thinking about your own skills, talents, and expertise.

If you want to maximize your earning potential while working from home, you have hone in on all your capabilities, and determine which are your best assests. Chances are, these will be your most marketable skills.

I’m a writer, through and through, but, when I get frustrated about my lagging success as a novelist, I switch gears and focus on activities that pay off sooner than later.


While writing is one of the most popular ways for you to start getting paid to work at home, writing is definitely not the only way for you to generate an online income. As long as you’re ready to put some of your existing talents and skills to work, then you’ll be able to take advantage of one or more money making opportunities that are here.
The main objective of the site, is NOT to provide you with complete details, about every single site that is discussed. Instead, the goal of the site, is to provide the necessary details to help you decide whether or not to look into an opportunity..

It’s up to each and every reader, to determine which (if any) online money making opportunity you take advantage of.

Here’s what I do to make online cash

Freelance Writer
I Earn Money From Writing Short Stories
My Services
I Earn Money From Selling People What They Neee on Fiverr
Selling Tutorials
I Earn Money From Selling Tutorial About Things I Know
The great thing about the sites I’m signed up to get paid with, is that there are a number of ways you can monetize just one activity.

I’m no expert, especially to the Gumroad site that I recently joined. But I know how to do what it takes to start the ball rolling and genrate cash from each website that I discuss here. I’ve made hundreds of dollars with Fiverr in the past, and I continue to earn a regular – though fluctuating income on Medium, from my diverse catalog of stories.

As you see, the more irons you can put into the fire and generate a side hustle, the better. JUST MAKE SURE you don’t bite off more than you can chew at one time. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself, so that you’re ready to give up before you even start.

Find a way to strike a balance, by creating work or accepting jobs that wont monopolize every moment of your time. Think about this, BEFORE you commit to doing an activitiy for online pay.


YOU CAN START BEING A PAID ONLINE WRITER WHEN YOU SIGN UP TO BECOME A MEDIUM MEMBER I can even help you get started writing, publishing and building followers easier with my hundreds
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From the moment I became a writer on Medium, I’ve been trying, testing, and compiling information about the different strategies that do and don’t work effectively on the platform.
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